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Shutter Network at EthCC[7]

Shutter Network at EthCC[7]

Get ready for a fantastic time at EthCC[7] and the EthCC Week! So many exciting events and activities are happening, and we can't wait to be a part of it all.

Check out the list below to see where we'll be - we look forward to connecting with you!

Advancing Base Layer Neutrality: The Launch of Shutter's Encrypted Mempool on Gnosis Chain

July 11 (13:25 - 13:45)

EthCC - Silver Hall

Join us as we reveal the launch of Shutter's encrypted mempool on the Gnosis Chain mainnet. This signifies a crucial step towards achieving information symmetry, base layer neutrality, and censorship resistance.

EthCC Bingo

July 6 - 14


EthCC Bingo is a conference game hosted by Shutter Network.

Join us in celebrating the launch of the Shutterized Gnosis Chain, which introduces encrypted mempools to protect traders against malicious MEV (front-running and sandwich attacks) and censorship.


  • Blackout Prize: $500
  • Line Prize: $250
  • Blackout Referral Prize: $250


Find an EthCC Bingo card in person at EthCC or at @ShutterNetwork on X/Twitter.

1. Get Started

​Tweet "I'm playing #ShutterBingo with @ShutterNetwork at EthCC[7] in Brussels. Join me!"

2. Complete A Square

Complete a square by Tweeting a photo of the item with a fun description.


Complete a line of five squares (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) or a blackout by Tweeting a photo of your bingo card and the word  "BINGO!"

4. Bingo Prizes

​If you complete a line of five squares, you are eligible to win $250. (More lines = more chances to win!)

If you complete a blackout (all squares), you are eligible to win $500.

5. Referral Prize

If you refer the blackout winner, you will win $250.

6. Lucky Draw

​Winners will be announced on the @ShutterNetwork Community Call on Twitter on July 18, 2024, at 14:00 CET.

Sandwich Attack!

July 8 (2–3 PM): https://lu.ma/okd891c9

July 9 (2–3 PM): https://lu.ma/p3wrfkfa

July 10 (2–3 PM): https://lu.ma/eis269g8

July 11 (2–3 PM): https://lu.ma/gmxi3k72

"Sandwich Attack!" is a pop-up piñata party hosted by Shutter Network. Join us in celebrating the launch of Shutterized Gnosis Chain, which introduces encrypted mempools to protect users against malicious MEV (front running and sandwich attacks) and censorship.

Get ready to swing at a colossal sandwich piñata and unleash a cascade of gold coins as you bash it!

​Together, we can fight back and attack the sandwiches.

Rock Paper Scissors Challenge

July 8 (5–6 PM): https://lu.ma/42wfj40j

July 9 (5–6 PM): https://lu.ma/c5izntqu

July 10 (5–6 PM): https://lu.ma/c1cnxhmn

July 11 (5–6 PM): https://lu.ma/imz24duf

"Rock Paper Scissors Challenge" is a pop-up game hosted by Shutter Network.

Get ready for some fun! Join us for a classic "rock, paper, scissors" game with and without an encrypted mempool. You may win a free beer or soda!

Principled Technology for Enhancing User Agency hosted by Gnosis

Including: Shutterized Gnosis Chain Launch Celebration

July 10 (6–9 PM)


Launch of the Shutterized Gnosis Chain

We'll celebrate the launch of the Shutterized Gnosis Chain mainnet! It's a big deal - Shutter encrypted mempools protect you against malicious MEV and censorship on the Gnosis Chain. Now, you can send encrypted transactions, enjoy safer trading, and protect your on-chain assets from malicious actors.

Agents Unleashed: Supercharging AI Agent Economies

July 10 (11 AM-5 PM)


A summit to unite the builders in the Web3 autonomous AI agent space and explore the current use case landscape.

Come join us for a series of talks and panel discussions on why AI agents will become the next billion internet users and how the AI stack enables this future.

​Learn from the foremost experts on the subject about everything Autonomous AI Agents, Agent Economies and more.​

More Coming Soon!

Come celebrate the launch of the Shutterized Gnosis Chain with us, and we hope to see you there!

Start trading safely on Gnosis Chain on July 11! Experience the enhanced security and fairness of Shutterized transactions.

Follow us on X-Twitter, visit the Shutter Forum, and join our community on Discord to learn more about how Shutter works and stay updated on our progress.

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