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Shutterized OP Stack Testnet SHOP Now Live on Sepolia!

Shutterized OP Stack Testnet SHOP Now Live on Sepolia!

We are excited to announce the Shutterized Optimism testnet L2 launch on Sepolia. This launch marks the availability of a Shutterized encrypted mempool for the OP Stack, aiming to prevent front-running and provide a censorship-resistant trading environment.

There's still some work to do to make this a fully-fledged, seamless developer and user experience, but this is a super important milestone for Shutter and, more importantly, for base layer neutrality on L2s! 

Also, keep reading to learn how to try the Shutterized L2 via our demo app!

Why a Shutterized L2?

Shutterized OP Stack L2s bring a host of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced trading safety and profitability by mitigating front-running.
  • Added (real-time) censorship resistance.
  • Reduced trust assumptions in sequencers through transaction encryption.
  • Potential compliance and regulatory benefits by limiting the sequencer's ability to manipulate transactions.

Get Involved!

Developers can now deploy applications on the Shutterized Optimism testnet using our minimal SDK. We encourage you to explore and experiment with this new infrastructure. However, if you are looking for a more polished developer experience to implement applications, we recommend waiting for a couple of weeks for the release of a more mature version of the Shutter front-end SDK.

Technical and Deployment Details

Settings to add the testnet to MetaMask:

Demo App

Check out the demo app, which allows you to deposit SepoliaETH to the rollup and send encrypted transactions:


To use it, deposit SepoliaETH from Sepolia into "SHOP" (the Shutterized L2 testnet), choose a receiving address, after how many blocks you want to execute the transaction, and hit send.

On this open network, any contract can be deployed, and contracts can be called using the Data field.

You can deposit SepoliaETH to SHOP using the demo app UI or by calling the depositETH function of the L1StandardBridgeProxy contract found at 0xb8138fE99572eDaAa06D49e47df26f83cc55bD71 (this address has been updated, previous was 0xC98Cdf523091100e4F83389EB93385071Ca349B9.)

Note: At this time, please do not expect persistence, as we may need to redeploy and switch to a fresh chain state, causing all previous states to be wiped.

Outlook and Next Steps: Shaping the Future of Secure Trading on Optimism

We are thrilled to announce the Shutterized OP Stack testnet launch on Sepolia. This achievement is increasing the momentum toward our goal of establishing a secure, fair, and encrypted trading ecosystem for the OP Stack. While this is a significant milestone, it is only the first step in our journey to revolutionize DeFi trading.

Here's what lies ahead:

Enhanced Developer Experience with SDK

One of the critical next steps in our roadmap is to launch a more refined version of the Shutter front-end SDK. This SDK is scheduled to be released in approximately two weeks. It is intended to simplify the process for developers who want to build on top of Shutterized Optimism. The new SDK will provide extensive tools and documentation, making it easy for developers to integrate encrypted mempool capabilities into their applications and promoting innovation and security in DeFi projects.

Collaboration with Mode Network

We are dedicated to demonstrating the potential and versatility of Shutterized Optimism and are thrilled about our collaboration with Mode Network. This joint effort will showcase the practical applications of encrypted mempools, which will help enhance transaction security and privacy. We aim to set a new standard for secure and fair trading practices within the Optimism ecosystem and beyond by working together.

Moving Towards Mainnet Deployment

Our roadmap's ultimate objective is to launch the mainnet, which depends on the successful operation and thorough testing of the deployed testnets. The launch of the mainnet would be a significant milestone that will make encrypted mempools accessible to the entire Optimism community. This move will improve transaction privacy and security and establish a new standard for fair, decentralized finance trading resistant to censorship.

Optimism's Encrypted Mempools Mission Approval

A significant recent development is the proposal of the Optimism mission request for encrypted mempools. This mission request emphasizes the community's support and the recognized need for improved security measures within the ecosystem. It aligns with our objectives, providing a sturdy foundation for our efforts and reinforcing the importance of our work in advancing encrypted mempool technology on Optimism.

We are embarking on an ambitious journey to improve the neutrality of the base layer and mempool accessibility. Your feedback, insights, and contributions are critical to our success. We will keep you updated on our progress, and we invite you to join us in shaping a more private, secure, and fair OP Stack ecosystem.

Please visit our GitHub repositories for more information on this project, including its background, architecture, and goals. We also request your support for our mission to OP Collective to build a generalized encryption interface for the OP Stack.

Let's build a future where DeFi trading is secure, profitable, and free from manipulation.

PS. Check out the Shutter Forum for a Request For Proposals about developing a DApp on the Shutterized OP Stack Testnet.


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