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Shutter Network Genesis Launch Program

Shutter Network Genesis Launch Program

We are excited to unveil the Shutter Network Genesis Launch Program, a key initiative to honor and support the vibrant community behind Shutter. This program is designed to recognize the exceptional contributions that propel Shutter's growth and innovation in the blockchain space, particularly in MEV and censorship resistance. Applications to get recognized are now open.

The Genesis Launch Program celebrates the diverse efforts of individuals and entities that have and are planning to significantly contribute to Shutter's development and the broader MEV landscape. Our focus extends beyond technical developments to embrace community engagement, educational outreach, and innovative solutions.

Parties selected into the Genesis Launch Program will receive an honorable mention in our future communication regarding the Shutter Network community effort. We are also planning for these parties to receive a POAP NFT as a thank-you for their contributions. To help preserve the privacy of those who wish to avoid having their name/alias included in the public honorable mention list, we have added options in the form to choose how you want to have your information shared.

This initiative is not just about technical contributions; it's about acknowledging each individual who plays a part in advancing our ecosystem. From developers to community advocates, educators, and innovators, we aim to spotlight those who have and will dedicate their skills and time to Shutter and MEV challenges.

Participation Eligibility

  • Technical Contributions: Active involvement in developing MEV solutions, including Shutter's threshold cryptography, DKG protocol, and other Ethereum-based projects focused on MEV challenges.
  • Community Advocacy: Significant participation in community discussions, forums, and platforms focusing on MEV, including advocacy for Shutter's initiatives and broader MEV challenges.
  • Content Creation and Education: Development of educational content addressing the broader implications of MEV and front running in the blockchain ecosystem and content specifically about Shutter's efforts.
  • Event Organization and Promotion: Organizing or playing a pivotal role in events focusing on MEV and related blockchain challenges, including those centered on Shutter.
  • Innovative and Visionary Contributions: Unique contributions to the MEV field that have also positively impacted Shutter, such as research, tool development, or other creative efforts.

Selection and Review for the Shutter Network Genesis Launch

We aim to acknowledge our community's contributions to MEV and Shutter through a fair, inclusive program. While this isn't our only initiative, it reflects our commitment to supporting those fighting malicious MEV. We value your work in development, advocacy, education, and innovation within the MEV space. The Shutter Network Genesis Launch Program is an acknowledgment of our appreciation.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Impact: The extent to which the contribution has influenced or advanced the understanding or mitigation of MEV within the Shutter community and the broader blockchain ecosystem.
  • Relevance: The significance of the contribution in addressing the challenges of MEV, including its applicability to the current and future landscape of blockchain technology.
  • Effort: The dedication and time invested in the contribution, considering the work's depth and extent.
  • Originality: The uniqueness and innovation demonstrated in the contribution, whether in technical development, community engagement, content creation, or event organization.

Application Process

We have two distinct tracks for applying. Please choose the one that fits you and your contribution; is it done as an individual or by an entity/project?

If you are unsure or have any questions, feel free to drop us a DM on X or post it at the Shutter Forum.

People and entities that are already a part of the Shutter Network, Keypers, and Shutter protoDAO members are already included as contributors and do not need to apply unless you feel like you have contributed something additional worth considering.

How to apply

  • For Individuals: Use this form to apply.
  • For Entities / Projects: Use this form to apply.
  • Required Information: Ethereum address, contribution description with an optional link, and an optional X (formerly Twitter) profile link.
  • Purpose: The form responses aim to evaluate contributions and ensure a fair selection process.

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