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Shutter DAO 0x36 Deployed!

Shutter DAO 0x36 Deployed!

We have observed that a Shutter DAO has been deployed after publishing a proposed blueprint.

Earlier, we outlined a blueprint and a guide for launching a DAO-powered implementation of Shutter Network. The template provided guidelines across various critical aspects, including creating a token, governance model, and roadmap for implementation.

After the publication, a community member informed us they had found a Shutter DAO deployment. This deployment of a Shutter DAO, which adheres to the specifications proposed earlier, has now become known as Shutter DAO 0x36. We are not aware of any other Shutter DAO deployments.

The blueprint proposed that a Shutter DAO would adopt the Fractal on-chain tool for its overall governance structure. You can now find Shutter DAO 0x36 on Fractal.

Are you outgrowing your Multisig? Fractal extends Safe treasuries into on-chain hierarchies of permissions, token flows, and governance.

Since Shutter DAO 0x36 may be considered by the community as a canonical Shutter DAO deployment, we have deployed a Genesis Allocations Claim Page for anyone to claim their Shutter Tokens (SHU) associated with Shutter DAO 0x36.

The claim page can be found at https://claim.shutter.network/.

Shutter Network Genesis Allocations
Shutter Network Genesis Allocations

The Genesis Allocations claiming smart contracts require activating the vesting schedule of the tokens, which allows you to delegate the voting power equal to the whole amount of tokens in the vesting schedule. This delegation effectively gives the delegate increased voting power in the number of the delegating address's tokens. Delegation of voting power can be canceled at any point.

If you activate your vesting contract, it is crucial that you also delegate the tokens; otherwise, you cannot vote. The tokens can also be delegated to an address that you own, or you could consider checking out the list of nominated delegates.

The Fractal governance framework and the Genesis Allocation claiming smart contract allow tokens to be delegated. If you're interested in becoming a DAO delegate for others to delegate their tokens, please come forward and let the community know! Find out more about delegates at the Shutter DAO Delegates List.

A new section called Shutter DAO has been added to the Shutter Forum. This section will host discussions, proposals, votes, and templates associated with canonical Shutter DAOs, including Shutter DAO 0x36.

If we observe another deployment of a Shutter DAO done in good faith, we will inform the community at that time. It is our policy and desire that all deployments done in good faith should also be considered and supported.

Key information of Shutter DAO 0x36
Genesis Allocations Claim Page https://claim.shutter.network/
Token smart contract address 0xe485E2f1bab389C08721B291f6b59780feC83Fd7
DAO smart contract address 0x36bD3044ab68f600f6d3e081056F34f2a58432c4
Governance frontend Shutter DAO 0x36 at Fractal

Next Steps for the Shutter Network

As a real decentralized autonomous organization, Shutter DAO 0x36 indeed relies on you, the community, to make proposals and vote on them!

We invite the Shutter Network community to actively participate in creating new proposals and discussing and reviewing the proposals to come. We have created a new section at the Shutter Forum to discuss anything related to a Shutter DAO.

Shutter DAO
The place to discuss anything Shutter DAO related.

Shutter Tokens will be non-transferable initially. With the blueprint, we noted a proposed Phase 2 of a Shutter DAO's development that could center around a pivotal "token liquidity event," strategically scheduled to follow the initial launch. This phase amplifies the token's utility and market presence, which involves meticulous planning and executing the liquidity event.

However, the token owner, Shutter DAO 0x36, can transfer them, so a DAO could give out token grants before unpausing the token.

The Fractal governance framework and the genesis allocation claiming smart contract allow tokens to be delegated. If you're interested in becoming a DAO delegate for others to delegate their tokens, please come forward and let the community know!

Stay tuned for more updates, follow Shutter on X, and join the Shutter Forum! We eagerly look forward to growing the Shutter Network alongside our committed community.

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